HWLincs’ suicide prevention programme ‘A Better Way’ has teamed up with MensCraft – the mental health and wellbeing charity for men and boys – to host a series of free mental health webinars for men.

Three webinars, covering varied and useful wellbeing topics, will be available via Zoom and will be delivered in short, sharp sessions, in a supportive, informal and at times humorous way, to help take the stigma out of talking about mental health.

Ed Roberts from MensCraft will host the webinars with insightful techniques and ideas for improving mental health and sharing experiences into overcoming the fear of opening and discovering how fitness and mindfulness can be of help.

Details for the webinars are as follows:

  • Why we need to talk more… Let’s get talking – 14th October at 11.00am
  • What on earth is mindfulness? – 21st October at 4.30pm
  • Fitness for mental health – 4th November at 11.00am

To book a free place on any of the mental health webinars from A Better Way and MensCraft, visit https://hwlincs.co.uk/talks/ and click on the links provided.  Places are limited and in high demand.

As part of A Better Way, HWLincs is also offering men a one-to-one Offload Central Sessions, which provides men with an opportunity to spend an hour talking through their feelings with a trained councillor in a non-judgemental, supportive and nurturing environment.

To find out how to speak to someone about their mental health or get help for yourself, please visit http://abetterway.site

For further details or more information on any of the above please contact Tom Cassidy at tom@hwlincs.co.uk

A BETTER WAY Suicide Prevention and MensCraft men’s mental health webinars launch this October