Bishop Grosseteste University are asking for people to take part in their adult literacy in greater Lincolnshire research project.

This is an exploratory research project aimed at understanding the adult literacy landscape in greater Lincolnshire. It aims to broadly explore the following questions:

  • Within the context of Greater Lincolnshire, to what extent can we identify challenges to individuals’ personal and professional development rooted in adult literacy levels?
  • How do challenges rooted in adult literacy manifest in Greater Lincolnshire?
  • What is the impact of those challenges?
  • Are there regional/spatial differences in how those challenges manifest within Greater Lincolnshire?

They are looking for people working in companies or charities that work to promote adult literacy, either directly or indirectly.

People who are supporting adults in accessing services and support in any capacity (for example charity workers, volunteers, community liaisons) are also invited to participate.

The project seeks out the views of individuals and companies working in a wide range of capacities in supporting adults with literacy problems in greater Lincolnshire.

Participants will be asked to take part in an hour long focus group or short interview, depeneding on their preference, they will also be invited to a debrief session before the final report is published so that you will have a chance to comment on the findings.

If this seems like something you would like to be a part of please see the information/application form below or get in contact with Dr Katya Bozukova at:

Adult Literacy research project needs participants