Australian Wildlife Recovery Fund Appeal

The Sir Joseph Banks Society and the Lincolnshire Community Foundation have created a county wide TotalGiving campaign to raise funds towards the restoration of wild habitat destroyed by bush fires in South Australia.

The Lincolnshire Community Foundation is the largest private grant making organisation in the county and recently ran the successful Wainfleet flood appeal. This joint appeal, which launched on Monday 20th January, will donate to the Australian Wildlife Recovery Fund. 

The National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia and Nature Foundation SA, partners for almost 40 years, have again joined forces to establish and manage this fund. While many community groups have mobilised to provide an immediate response to caring for injured wildlife, the Wildlife Recovery Fund will be used to re-establish habitat, particularly for threatened and vulnerable species.

Donations will go to local landholders, farmers, and community groups in fire affected regions to urgently assist natural regeneration through activities including feral animal and weed control, and fencing. This will give both threatened animal and plant life the best chance of recovery. Funds will also be directed to restore habitat in fire-devastated national parks – particularly on Kangaroo Island.

Teams will consult with local communities to identify and assess impacts and to prioritise recovery activities. Working together they will make sure sound planning, good science and local advice ensures funds raised are put to use quickly in the most important places and achieve the best possible outcomes.

This work is part of a longer-term campaign to ensure that Australia’s unique wildlife and plant life are saved. It sits particularly well with the work of the Sir Joseph Banks Society and is part of our contribution to support our patron Sir David Attenborough who is campaigning vigorously to highlight the effects of global warming.

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