Better Together Project

The better together project brings together three Lincoln charities: developmentplus, Abbey Access Training and Green Synergy.

Better together will support and enable people who are experiencing mental health conditions to come together to improve their personal health and well-being. It will provide mentoring, therapy and training opportunities as the first steps towards overcoming barriers and moving forward in their lives gaining the skills and confidence to reach their full potential.

Participants are offered a tailor made, supportive and flexible programme of mentoring, coaching, therapeutic activities, volunteering, training, work experience and support into employability.

The programme is funded by the Big lottery and free to adults over 18 and living in Lincoln.

Participants can:
• Improve their health and well being
• Improve their skills and confidence
• Get motivated, build self esteem
• Achieve goals and find their sense of purpose
• Try catering, customer service, gardening and countryside skills and experience new things
• Meet people, have fun
• Make friends and be more engaged with their local community

If you would like more information or to refer someone into the project, contact the better together team:
Stuart Couling,
01522 543361,

Clare Bryan,
01522 543361,

Green Synergy:
Trudy Norris,
01522 533077,

Abbey Access Training:
Gail Dunn,
01522 801556,

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