British Sign language course – Riverside Training – 14 September

Riverside Training have a fantastic British Sign Language course coming up in centre starting on Saturday 14th September.

This course is a great introduction to British Sign Language – a great new skill for use in everyday life, which can enhance your job prospects. During this course you will learn how to:

• Show letters of the BSL Two Handed Alphabet, sign your name and use BSL for basic greetings
• Hold brief conversations about name, greeting, weather and transport
• Use fingerspell
• Communicate signs for family relationships
• Sign in BSL syntax and some numbers.
• Hold a basic conversation using simple vocabulary

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can progress on to thier Improver’s Sign Language Course.

Cost: £20 / JSA/ESA* £10 / Over 65 £15
Duration: One day a week for two weeks

If you are interested in enrolling please contact the centre on 01427677277 or Alternatively pop in to the Riverside Training centre on Market Street.

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