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Introduction to MOVE

Project Overview This Big Lottery and EU funded project aims to help economically inactive and unemployed people to start on the road back into employment, by tackling barriers that prevent them from working, and enter in sustained employment.

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Your MOVE Project Team

Latest MOVE News

Click here to view the latest MOVE news. You’ll also find all the newsletters on this page.

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The MOVE Partnership

The Greater Lincolnshire MOVE Project Partnership is made up of 24 third sector organisations and education providers, generated through Involving Lincs, a consortium of third sector infrastructure organisations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We intend to populate this page with Frequently Asked Questions which, we hope, can give you help and guidance. They will be based on the most commonly asked questions that you, the partners, have asked us, the project team, and it’s likely that the page will continue to grow as the project progresses.

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Monitoring, Evaluation and Keeping Records

Monitoring, evaluation and record keeping are of paramount importance in the BBO project. they will take a variety of formats, but will ultimately serve to provide all the necessary evidence that partners are complying with requirements, and will highlight progress, successes, any concerns and issues.

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The MOVE project wants participants to genuinely feel a sense of ownership of the service, and that they have a meaningful role in the partnership.  This section also contains details about eligibility.

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Cross-cutting Themes

This post contains the MOVE Project policies for equality and diversity, and Sustainable Development.  Further, more detailed, supporting documents can be found via the links at the foot of the ‘Cross-cutting Themes’ page.

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MOVE Resource Bank

  The Resource Bank has been set up to include all sorts of things that may be of help to the MOVE partners.  It will contain the MOVE policies which are there to help you, but we’re also looking for partners to let us know of websites that could be useful, of forms and documentation …

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This page is the home for presentations that are deemed of interest to the partnership.  It will contain links to PDF versions of the presentations that you can download or read on this site, at your leisure.

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