The Centre for Ageing Better want more people to be able to live independently in their homes for longer.

They would like to understand the challenges that people aged 50 to 70 years in Lincolnshire face when trying to improve their homes. The information they learn will help us to better the user experience and routes to safe, accessible and decent homes.

The Centre for Ageing Better, in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council, is holding a series of workshops with stakeholders who support people aged between 50 and 70 years in Lincolnshire.

They are keen to hear from the broadest range of service providers (including people from the voluntary sector and local government) because they know that people in Lincolnshire access many different services – some directly and some indirectly related to housing. In this project, they are taking a wider systems approach and therefore want to collect information from across the system.

These workshops aim to collect information about the broader issues that people in Lincolnshire face when trying to improve their homes (including but not limited to service signposting, accessing information and guidance, receiving financial advice, digital access experiences and the impacts of the broader environment surrounding homes). They’re also looking to gather information about potential solutions to these challenges. They will be using a person centered approach, incorporating the Lincolnshire based pen portraits/ personas from the recent IPSOS Mori research.

The workshops have been scheduled to take place via zoom on 29th March 10am-1pm and 21st April 10am-1pm.  If you would like to attend please reply to to receive a zoom link.

Centre for Ageing Better Workshop Invitation