At Citizens Advice Mid Lincs we have started a new project called the Health and Resilience project. As part of this we are going out into local community groups in Sleaford to raise awareness of our services as well as giving information and advice where we are able. For this project we aim to meet clients in the community rather than relying on them knowing where to find us and how to contact us. We want to decrease potential barriers for more isolated members of the community accessing our advice due to not being able to travel/get there or not having the time. By taking our service to the client we feel we can break down some of those barriers. We also want to increase our connections with the local community groups so we are aware of what groups are running and where we could potentially signpost clients for further support.

We would therefore love the chance to come speak at your local community groups in Sleaford. If you have a topic of interest you would like to discuss please let us know for example if you want a discussion on benefits or energy we can arrange that no problem. If not, we are happy to attend the event and go round and speak with individual members one to one about what we offer and how we could help.

If you have a community group that we could talk at please contact Jessica Rutt via:

Citizens Advice Mid Lincs are looking for community groups to do talks with in Sleaford