Fund opens Monday 17 May 2021 for 5 weeks

The fund aims to support the 9 Primary Care Network areas listed below in delivering a consistent approach to developing Community Assets for Social Prescribers to ‘Tap Into’. As part of the wider Mental Health Transformation.

The aim is to develop social, economic, recreational, and cultural opportunities for people with mental illness to promote health, wellbeing, independence, and choice support that makes a difference and keeps people in the community. These to be priority projects jointly developed and worked up between groups, and with local Networks such as MH Partnerships and Delivery Groups, with NT leadership & co-ordination, to promote a complementary approach and to avoid duplication.

The fund is open to all Third sector organisations such as registered charities, community interest companies and constituted voluntary and community groups

Applications received from Monday 17 May and closes at 5pm Friday 18 June 2021

Primary Care Networks:

•                  Trent Care

•                  IMP

•                  Apex/Marina

•                  East Lindsey

•                  SOLAS

•                  First Coastal

•                  Boston

•                  K2 Grantham

•                  Four Counties

For more information and how to apply please visit their website.

Community Asset Development Funding Social Prescribers