October 2020 saw a publication from Lincolnshire County Council documenting a suicide prevention strategy, co-produced alongside people with lived experience to reach out and save lives.

The vision is to recognise and support that Lincolnshire is a place where suicide is not considered as an option and people will continue to have hope.

Between 2016 – 2018 there were sadly 156 male suicides between the ages of 25 and 59 years. Men were identified within a high-risk group and therefore became the focus for this project.

Suicide Prevention Innovation Funding was secured from NHS England and Shine were awarded the task of managing the project across Lincolnshire.

The aim was for community organisations who work directly with men in supporting mental health, to apply for grants up to £10,000 to support and strengthen their organisation.
The Suicide Prevention Fund aim:
• To support males
• Reduce self-harm and suicide with at risk males
• Support through peer support/people with lived experience
• Provide safe places and opportunities for males to talk
• Raise awareness
• Equip with the tools for self-help and sufficiency

Across Lincolnshire there were 28 applications for innovative community-based projects and from that, 14 were awarded grants in the first wave of funding for 2 020-21.

It is an exciting time as we open up as a county post COVID-19 with so much support out there ready to be accessed.


Community Suicide Prevention Innovation Fund for Males