Costs and Expenditure

The project recognises that transport to work is a barrier over wide areas of the county, more so in the rural areas, and particularly for young people in search of work.  Because of this, the project will provide support and provision at locally accessible locations throughout Greater Lincolnshire. Travel costs will also be reimbursed for participants where provision cannot be provided locally or travel is required. In addition, the project must ensure that anyone who needs access to childcare in order to participate in the project receives childcare support.  This will be checked through a survey run by the Managing Authority.  A participant’s expenses form can be found on the Participant’s page.

It might save organisation time and effort, when seeking locations for meetings etc, to visit the website This website has been put together, after a great deal of research and time spent, by Community Lincs and will hopefully help you to find a venue to suit your needs.

For a more in depth overview of the financial management process, costs that can be recouped, and permissible/non-permissible expenditure, partners are  to refer to the following documents: