County Views is a panel of people from across Greater Lincolnshire who help the area’s local councils to identify priorities and shape future developments.  They have members from across the region and are keen to see the panel continue to grow in size with people of all ages and backgrounds.   Wherever you live, work and study in Greater Lincolnshire, they want to hear from you.

County Views run three short surveys a year on different topics.  The latest County Views survey, which went live this week, includes questions on the topic of household waste and recycling, an important and timely topic in the run up to the festive period.

The results from County Views engagements and survey reports are published online and feed directly into shaping and informing approaches.

To take part in the current and future surveys please visit Let’s Talk Lincolnshire. You can join the County Views panel by registering to the site.

County Views Survey: Household waste and recycling