Darkside Rising Deadlift Competition

Lincoln Women Deadlift in Support of Postnatal Mental Health

Local women will come together on Saturday 18th January 2020, to take part in an inaugural team deadlift event organised by Lincolnshire’s new community interest company, Darkside Rising. 

The event will include around 60 women, working in teams of 10 to deadlift the highest total weight in 90 minutes. Inclusive and family friendly, everyone is welcome to come and support between 10am and 2pm, with coffee and cake available on the day too.  All proceeds from this event will be ring fenced to provide strength training to mums at risk of postnatal depression and anxiety.

With suicide the leading cause of maternal death, building community and strength is a vital part of supporting mums, as a postnatal lady explains:

‘At Darkside strong warrior women share with brutal honesty what motherhood truly is. They lift each other up and then they lift weights. And then they go home with the strength to get through the week.’

Providing a safe space for women to build physical and mental health whilst ensuring that the most vulnerable in our community are able to access it, is the creative vision of Darkside Rising, the non-profit arm of Darkside Training, Lincoln’s first women-only strength and powerlifting gym.  

Darkside Rising works to challenge the social construct and transform the perception of female strength, resilience and power, through creative arts projects and innovative physical training.  Annabel Hunt, director, says:‘Having struggled with my own mental health, being part of a community of strong supportive women has been so important.  Events like these give women the opportunity to come together and prove to themselves how strong they can be, both mentally and physically.’

Donations and support are welcome on the day and the event is held at Darkside Training, Unit 9, Newporte Business Park, Bishops Road, off Outer Circle Road, Lincoln, LN2 4SY, 10am – 2pm.  For more details please contact Shantelle Svarc, director, shantelle.darkside@gmail.com.

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