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DBS check pricing

There are three types of DBS checks:

• *NEW* Basic DBS Check £25- Only available at
• Standard DBS check £26
• Enhanced DBS check £44

If you are a volunteer, it’s free of charge for Standard or Enhanced checks. However, there is an administration fee payable to us for all DBS applications to cover the costs of processing and administration of the DBS service. Some organisations may pay the fees for you.

If you are employed, then you will be required to pay the checking fee plus the administration fee, and payment will be due on submission of your application. If your employer is paying for the check then an invoice will be sent to them at the end of each calendar month, where there is an approved account.

Administration fees:
• Charity and non-profit organisations £17.50
• Profit making organisations £30.00

In certain circumstances there may be an additional £5 fee incurred from DBS checks. Your DBS Countersignatory will discuss this with you at the time of checking.

The Update Service costs £13 per annum for paid staff and is free if joining with a DBS certificate for a voluntary position.

Please note there are no VAT charges applicable to DBS applications.
If you have any further questions please contact your local VCS office and ask for a DBS advisor.