DHSC Carers Innovation Fund applications open

The Department of Health and Social Care is offering a Carers Innovation Fund which aims to support accessible, carer-friendly communities and public services and also seeks to provide evidence on effective interventions to support carers.

The DHSC is seeking to provide seed funding to a portfolio of ‘concept testing’ projects from organisations from a mix of sectors, including the voluntary and community sector, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), commercial sector etc.

They expect the projects will be able to demonstrate measurable impacts against the areas they hear from carers that they need additional support. These are to:

  • improve their health and wellbeing
  • increase their ability to juggle their work and caring responsibilities
  • increase their ability to take a break from their caring role
  • reduce the loneliness and social isolation experienced by carers

Through the development of technological solutions or community-based interventions, the projects might consider how to:

  • ensure carers have access to advice and information to support them in their caring role
  • increase the provision of carers’ breaks locally
  • connect carers with other carers and the wider community
  • prevent crises through early intervention

Organisations are invited to bid for up to £500,000 and will be expected to demonstrate:

  • why government funding is required in order for their proposals to be developed
  • that the proposal is a new approach to improving support for carers
  • knowledge of existing provision and the way that it currently fails to support carers
  • that strong partnership arrangements are in place from the outset between relevant organisations
  • how the intervention will be supported to be replicated or expanded
  • how the sustainability of the intervention will be achieved

For more information about what the fund is for, or to apply please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/carers-innovation-fund-how-to-apply/carers-innovation-fund-how-to-apply