The National Emergencies Trust has announced £1.5 million of funding to support grassroots Disabled Peoples Organisations (DPOs) across the UK to respond to the covid-19 needs of Disabled people. The funding will be administered and distributed through a partnership of DPOs across the UK
Inclusion London/ROFA are the national partners for England.

What work will the DPO Covid Emergency Fund?
The DPO Covid Emergency Fund aims to support DPOs to meet the needs of local Disabled people. We are looking to fund Covid related work in the following broad three areas:
 Independent living: covering any Covid related issues affecting Disabled people’s choice and control over their lives for example: Covid changes to the built environment, streetscape and transport, advice and advocacy support to help ensure health and social care needs are met, employment advice or advice to individuals about their rights if they feel they need to continue to shield
 Isolation: covering work to tackle isolation for example: providing IT equipment and support so people can access on-line support or setting up and running peer support networks
 Income: covering work to support Disabled people to access benefits and entitlements and manage debt issues
Some examples of work that could be funded:
 A DPO wanting funding to produce local Covid related information in Easy Read, British Sign Language and community languages
 A DPO wanting to expand its information and advice service to deal with Covid related issues by increasing casework capacity or opening hours
 A DPO wanting to set up a local group of Disabled residents to try and make sure the needs of local Disabled people are understood and addressed in local Covid recovery planning
 A DPO wanting funding to cover the staffing, venue and running costs of setting up a peer support network or befriending service
Who can apply for funding?
Any DPO in the UK can apply if at least 51% of your governing body or management committee are made up of Disabled people and you have a constitution (you do not need to be a registered charity)
How much can I apply for?
The minimum you can apply for is £1,000 and the maximum is £25,000
How long is the funding for?
The funding period is 8 months from 1 November 2020 to 30 June 2021 – all grant income and funding activity will be expected to have been spent and completed by then
When does it go live and how can I apply?
 There will be a simple on-line application form to fill in. The Fund will open for applications for 4 weeks from early September and close on 5th October
 Grant applications will be assessed and all grants awarded by 30 October
 Support
 The regional partners in England are:
 North Yorkshire and the North East – Equality Together, Bradford
 South Yorkshire and Humberside – Disability Sheffield
 The North West – Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP)
 The Midlands – Birmingham Disability Resource Centre
 East Anglia – Equal Lives
 South East – Spectrum CIL
 London – Inclusion London
 The West – West of England Centre for Independent Living (WECIL)
Full details and application form will be available from the beginning of September. For more information contact:

Disabled Peoples Organisations Covid Emergency Fund – new UK funding programme for grassroots Disabled Peoples Organisations