Gainsborough Integrated Neighbourhood Working

Health, care and voluntary organisations in Gainsborough have taken the first steps to launching Lincolnshire’s first Integrated Neighbourhood Care Team.

A range of local organisations are supporting a ‘soft launch’ of the concept, which has seen staff starting to work differently together to help those in the local community to stay healthy at home, using services appropriate to their needs while avoiding unnecessary hospital admission.

Clare Credland, lead for the Gainsborough Integrated Neighbourhood care Team, said: “We are very excited to reach the point where we can start to implement our plans in Gainsborough. This programme will see all organisations working differently to help navigation into and between services, making the process much easier and simpler, with less duplication”.

This is a flagship programme within Lincolnshire’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, which takes the best practice elements of existing neighbourhood teams and is building on them for the next phase to broaden integrated neighbourhood working to encompass prevention, supporting networks and the care team.

Gainsborough has been identified as the first site with a further three, in other areas to be agreed, within 2017/18. The longer term vision is to establish 13 teams and supporting networks countywide.

A range of engagement events are already taking place with key stakeholders across the Gainsborough area. The next neighbourhood care team networking event for the Gainsborough area will take place on 26th July. To find out more or reserve your place please contact or call 07580 860341.