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Funding Ready Workshops

“This has been a superb workshop and really appreciate the connections and support.”

“Thank you for such a rich workshop with so many practical aspects.”

Dinah and Rachel, Grief recovery specialists

“Thank you (Voluntary Centre Services) for this extensive workshop.”

Lincs. south federation of wis

“Thank you. I am much more confident now. I have enjoyed these courses and would love to attend any other courses you offer as I have learned so much.”

The centre for reconciliation

Voluntary Centre Services (VCS) in partnership with Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service (LCVS) and Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) have developed a series of Funding Ready workshops to help voluntary sector groups and charities improve their skills and information sources to increase the number of successful applications.

The programme is free for voluntary sector groups and charities working in Lincolnshire who are looking to begin applying for grants or improve their success rate.

It consists of an introductory session and 3 workshops which, during COVID restrictions, will be delivered over 5 half day sessions virtually on Zoom. Participants for virtual workshops will be limited to 12 to enable full participation and sharing of ideas and experiences.

Groups can attend any of the five sessions depending on what stage they are in their funding process.

Details of the full programme is below:

Introductory Session Next date – TBC – Contact us for more info

Aims: This introduction session outlines the tools and resources we will be using during the workshops including overviews on the Funding Ready Toolkit, Benchmark and Health Check. The session will also include a discussion and an overview of each workshop, helping you, as a group, to plan your learning and time effectively so you can get the most out of the programme and attend the workshops that are most relevant for you.

Workshop 1 (Session 1): Getting Your Organisation Ready for Grant FundingNext date – Wed 27th April 2022 @ 9.30am

Aims: To ensure your group has the correct policies and procedures in place: a good project idea, an understanding of the funding process, general evidence on beneficiaries, an understanding of funder requirements and how grant funding fits into the funding strategy.

Workshop 2 (Sessions 2 & 3): Evidencing Need and Identifying Funding SourcesNext dates – Wed 4th May and Wed 11th May 2022 @ 9.45am

Aims: To be able to prepare a fully costed-out plan, using evidence from a variety of sources, evidenced, using input from your beneficiaries and the whole team. To have funding sources identified and shortlisted and a ongoing process defined for selecting funds to apply for.

Workshop 3 (Sessions 4 & 5): Proving Outcomes and Writing a Successful BidNext dates – Wed 18th May and Wed 25th May 2022 @ 9.45am

Aims: To be funding ready, with evidence suitable for funders needs and a team who are confident in their ability to write a successful funding bid and meet your funding requirements for the next 2-3 years.

Before attending you will be sent a Funding Ready Health Check to complete. This will highlight the gaps in your knowledge and skills. You will also be sent all the course materials and provided with a Toolkit to complete for your organisation. The Toolkit will be worked through alongside the Funding Ready Workshops. This will give you all you need to find, evidence and complete successful applications.

You can also find these resources below:

Please also note that, due to our funding criteria, these funding workshops are only available for charities and community groups working and operating in the United Kingdom.

These workshops will be advertised below and you can book on via our Eventbrite page.

For more information contact Jody on 01529 308452 or email

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You can find out about Gift Aid via NCVO’s Gift Aid KnowHow Page

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