In April 2020, Healthwatch Lincolnshire invited the public to tell us how the Covid-19 pandemic was affecting them, both in terms of accessing healthcare services and personally with their emotional and mental health needs.  The results were shared locally and nationally with healthcare organisations which helped them better understand the impact Covid-19 was having on people.

One year on, and we are revisiting this work to ask how you have adapted to new ways of accessing healthcare, whether you are excited about getting back shopping, going to the hairdressers or on a night out, or maybe you have re-evaluated your priorities and the things that were once important, no longer are.  Perhaps you are apprehensive about going out, not necessarily because of Covid-19, but because it’s been so long since you have been out and socialised that you feel you might need help to start again.

It is important that healthcare services better understand what is working well and where they need to focus their resources to help people.  It is also useful to tell the system how people have managed to help themselves, and ways you might have found to cope and be more resilient.

Completing the survey will only take a couple of minutes, it is anonymous and most importantly it will help to direct changes in healthcare services over the coming months and years.

Closing date: June 30th – This survey will run from March 2021 through to June 2021 with a report of the findings being produced each month, therefore you are encouraged to complete this survey once per month.

If you or someone you know would like support with completing the questions, get in touch and we will contact you online, by telephone or by sending a copy in the post. Call 01205 820892 or email

Healthwatch Lincolnshire – COVID-19 Survey revisited