Introducing Written Wheel

Written Wheel passionately advocates the notion that disability shouldn’t define anyone. It abides by the motto that nobody asked to be disabled in the same way that nobody asked to be able-bodied. All anyone can do is play the cards they’re dealt and win the game.

Writer, blogger and wannabe businesswoman, Jo Tolley, aims to illuminate the truth behind disability in an open, honest, often slightly controversial, and humorous approach. Through her website, Written Wheel, she shares her experiences of living with Cerebral Palsy in the hope it will promote a new perspective and the continued discussion about disability. She wholeheartedly believes everyone deserves to have their voice heard regardless of their background or walk of life.

Written Wheel was originally a side-project but has resulted in a brand that Jo is turning into a business. As a budding freelance writer, she strives to work for and collaborate with individuals, businesses and third sector organisations that are disability-integrative in order to raise their profile as well as holistic awareness. Jo’s long-term vision is to evolve her platform into a support system which will help others break down their personal barriers of living with disabilities.

Throughout her mission to achieve her business ambitions, Jo has been fortunate to be involved with several organisations that are aiding the growth of Written Wheel and building Jo’s network. However, she is keen to make more connections across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries. If you’d like to find out more about Written Wheel or if you’d like to contact Jo, please visit;

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