Introduction to Mindfulness- for people living with cancer- Friday 8 March

Macmillan Cancer Support is offering a free session offering an introduction to mindfulness for people living with cancer.

This introductory session will provide you with an overview of mindfulness and how it might help with stress, anxiety and adjustment during and after cancer treatment. This is a basic overview which will provide you with the information about whether you may wish to pursue more learning on the subject.

Mindfulness is a faculty that we all have but rarely utilise. Around the world, people from all walks of life are learning how to live a mindfulness-based life. The results of scientific studies into the positive effects of practicing mindfulness are pouring out from neuro-scientists, psychologists and physical health professionals.
Many people living with and beyond cancer have found mindfulness beneficial in helping them to live with the physical, emotional and psychological effects of cancer.

If you are living with a cancer diagnosis and would like to explore an introduction to mindfulness this session might be for you. Please note that mindfulness should not replace your clinical or medical care.

Friday 8th March, 10am- 3pm at The Showroom, Tritton Road, Lincoln LN6 7QY

To reserve a place, please contact or call 01904 756 410.

Download a flyer for this session.