Lincolnshire Police have joined with independent charity Crimestoppers to continue building upon the successful work that has already been delivered in Gainsborough, as a part of the Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (VCRI). This initiative prevents and safeguards victims and brings offenders to justice, by tackling drugs, violence and the exploitation of vulnerable people.

Drug crime is a problem for many towns and cities throughout the UK and it affects millions of people of all ages. Drug crime is often the crime that underpins so many others and has many other related crimes and consequences, such as drug manufacturing, the exploitation of vulnerable people, drug addiction and serious violence.

In the year up to March 2020, compared to the previous 12-month period between March 2018 and March 2019, violence without injury in Gainsborough was up by 28.9%. Grievous bodily harm with intent also rose in the same period, by 5.6%.

Drug crime is often hidden in other activity; however, people are often exploited in plain sight and the consequences can ripple into the everyday life of those who are not ordinarily involved.

Those that do take part in drug activity come from a variety of backgrounds; whether they are young, old, UK citizens, EU migrants or from outside the EU altogether, male or female, unemployed to professional business people.

Working with Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire County Council, Crimestoppers is campaigning to raise awareness of the issues caused by Drug Crime, to enable people to identify possible signs of drug activity, violence and exploitation, to encourage and empower the reporting of crime information.

Look out for these potential signs that exploitation is happening:

Restricted Freedom:

Unable to leave their home address, shows signs that their movements are being controlled or they are unable to move freely. They don’t communicate freely and contact with others has reduced. They’re given leftovers to eat. It looks like they suffer from violence against them. Keeping Gainsborough Safe

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They may appear scared or fearful or they show anxiety and avoid eye contact. They act as though they have been instructed, they’re distrustful, there’s limited or no social interaction, they scavenge for food or resort to crime for food and/or money.


Has multiple people accessing their homes, there’s unusual or increased activity, there are unfamiliar people who appear to be staying at the address. There’s an increase in rubbish in and around the home, accommodation appears to be poorly maintained or unkempt.


They have no access to their earnings, they have large debts, no access to bank cards or documents, wages are paid into a different person’s account or their money is handed to someone else.


They suffer with regular injuries, have injuries that appear old or cannot be explained, they wear the same clothes every day.

If you have any concerns about an employee or someone you know, contact Crimestoppers on freephone 0800 555 111, 24 hours a day, seven days a week or go online at, to give information 100% anonymously about drug crime and any other crime – or contact Lincolnshire Police.

Crimestoppers offer a unique service and is the only way you can report information on crime 100% anonymously, meaning that no one will ever know that you have divulged the information you may know.

Join us in our aim to keep Gainsborough safe and encourage and empower your colleagues/ employees and your communities to report any information on crime. Make your organisation a safer place to work and your local area a safer place to live.

Keeping Gainsborough Safe