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09 Nov 2017

There have been a number of updates by funders that partners should be aware of:
o Annex A (purely for the MOVE management team)- Funders have amended the formulae on the ‘Quarterly Breakdown’ sheet, which calculate ‘Grant Payments Received this Quarter’ from information entered on the ‘Front Sheet’. These 2018 formulae are now effective for 2018 figures, where previous versions incorrectly put the data into the 2017 section. You do not need to change how you use the annex, but the new version should be downloaded and used from now.
o Types of Publicity, Page 5 – All press releases must be signed off by the Big Lottery Fund. Please give at least 48 hours’ notice wherever possible. We understand that 48 hours’ notice may not be possible for reactive releases, but should be incorporated into plans for events, campaigns and good news stories.
o Participant engagement activity – Many projects have used events, activities and incentives to engage participants. It is important that promotional materials for these activities accurately represent the aims of Building Better Opportunities and how European and National Lottery money is being used. Where promotional materials do not accurately inform the public about the use of public money, there is a risk of reputational damage to the Big Lottery Fund, and of non-compliance with ESF regulations. Promotional materials should describe the relevance the activity has to your aims. It should be clear that this activity will provide an opportunity to find out more about the BBO project. If you would like further advice, please contact the MOVE Project Coordinator (Jen Eaton).
• Following these recent updates, an updated version of the Marketing and Media Compliance document has been issued.

26 Oct 2017

• A recent upgrade from Aptem was issued and has resulted in an extra folder on a client’s record, which many of you may have seen, and which a number of you have been asking question about.  The upgrade allows templates for compliance documents (and that’s what the folder is called) to be more easily stored and located.  New Annexes (H, I etc) will be stored in that folder, and they will be placed there when you complete them e.g. Annex H will automatically be put into this folder when you complete the ‘onboarding’ process, so go there if you wish to print a copy off for signature. Please continue to use the ‘Documents’ folder for everything that you upload, including scanning handwritten copies of the Annexes.

12 Oct 2017

• Following on from the formation of the BBO Lead group, and their efforts to streamline things across the current BBO projects in the county, we are asking people to send in blank versions of forms they use that they would be happy to share as examples of best practice. We’re thinking about forms such as Initial Needs Assessment, triage forms, job search log, in short it’s anything you might use in your organisation with participants that you think others might be interested in. The idea is that we’d like to set up a resources bank on the website – in time we’ll also start gathering teaching materials. Another thing that would be useful is any websites you might use that are particularly useful, e.g. personality types quizzes, career information, job search help etc. Doesn’t matter what format documents are in – Word, pdf, Excel – it’s just about sharing ideas.  Please forward anything to Les, email, who awaits your responses with eager anticipation.

24 Sep 2017

• Dan’s story•  For those of you who may be wondering about the value of the MOVE Project, please have a look at this video clip and set your minds at rest. Just click on the link above and it will take you to Framework’s Facebook page (you won’t need an account).