Charlotte Hornsby has been appointed on behalf of LocalMotion Lincoln to drive the delivery of the next phase of exploration of a systems change up to November 2023, to identify what local issues are and what matters most to Lincoln communities.

LocalMotion is a social, economic and environmental justice movement, by communities, for communities, that aims to tackle the root causes of issues in six places across England and Wales. The movement is about bringing people, organisations and institutions together, so that the six communities can benefit from joined up thinking, pooled resources, long-term collaboration and planning with six UK funders:  Paul Hamlyn FoundationLloyds Bank FoundationEsmée Fairbairn FoundationLankelly ChaseTudor Trust and City Bridge Trust.

Charlotte says: “This is such an exciting opportunity for Lincoln as a city and it is extremely timely for us all locally as we recognise and reflect on a challenging 2-year period. Together, we can all influence what we want for our future, and really start to understand some of our communities deeper rooted inequalities.

“Embarking on this journey is representation from across Lincoln’s voluntary organisations and the public sector, with a pledge to engage with a wide range of services and businesses, and importantly, individuals who live in our 11 city wards.”

Lynsey Collinson, CEO of Developmentplus and a member of the recruitment panel said: “As a local charity, we’ve seen the challenges faced by so many in Lincoln over the last two years, now, emerging from the pandemic there is a real sense of people wanting to see change, both for themselves and their city. 

“Congratulations to Charlotte on her appointment, I’m looking forward to being part of the LocalMotion journey and working towards its mission of connecting people to inspire a flourishing future.”

Charlotte will lead the movement after more than three years at Lincoln City Foundation, as Director of Quality and Development, and with career experience across the public, private and not for profit sectors. Her role will officially begin in June 2022.

If you would like to learn more about LocalMotion Lincoln, please email:  

Lincoln Appoint Director for Local Change