The City of Lincoln Council and Voluntary Centre Services are pleased to announce that the Lincoln Lottery Community Fund for 2021 is now live and is looking for applications of up to £5250 from good causes working for the benefit of Lincoln residents.

The Community Fund has been raised by players who have directly selected this as their good cause when purchasing tickets, meaning that 60 pence of every ticket sold through this selection goes directly towards the Community Fund.

Players who have selected to support a specific good cause have also donated 10 pence of each ticket to the Community Fund, meaning that every player of Lincoln Community Lottery has contributed to the £10,500 up for grabs.

During August 2021, a resident consultation took place to identify the two good cause areas where residents would like the £10,500 from the Lincoln Lottery Community Fund to be allocated to.

The consultation identified the two priority causes as Green Spaces and Community Groups.

Good causes are now invited to bid for a share of the funding to deliver a specific project or activity that addresses one or both of the good causes and benefits the residents of the City of Lincoln.

‘Good causes’ that are eligible to apply are:

  • Charities – Must be registered with the Charity Commission
  • Community groups – Must be formally constituted with a written constitution in place
  • Clubs – Must be formally constituted with a written constitution in place
  • Societies – Must be formally constituted with a written constitution in place
  • Associations – Must be formally constituted with a written constitution in place
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Social Enterprises (businesses which are changing the world for the better)

To be eligible to apply, you must also have a dedicated bank account for the organisation.

Applications must be received by 5pm on Friday 29th October 2021.

Funding applications received should be for no more than £5,250.

Chosen projects and activities must:

  • Directly support Lincoln residents
  • Meet one or both of the areas selected by residents
  • Demonstrate that they will begin to spend the funding within 6 months of allocation
  • Confirm they will spend all funding allocated within 12 months
  • Have a clear and defined outcome or outcomes
  • Should not be a project already financially supported by the City of Lincoln Council or another council/public body.

It is proposed that two successful applications are granted £5,250 each. However, if lower funding requests are made, funding can be allocated to more than two good causes for lower amounts.

The winning applications will be chosen and notified by 26th November 2021.

Download an application form and a copy of the guidance notes here:

Lincoln Lottery Community Fund Guidance 2021

Completed applications should be emailed FAO Jody to

Lincoln Lottery Community Fund – Now Open For Applications!