MOVE Resource Bank


The Resource Bank has been set up to include all sorts of things that may be of help to the MOVE partners.  It will contain the MOVE policies which are there to help you, but we’re also looking for partners to let us know of websites that could be useful, of forms and documentation that they may use that helps ease processes etc. If you have something like this, then please let Les know, by sending a link, or a PDF document, or whatever it is and he can add it to the ‘Bank’.  Please have a look at what we have and see if you can add to the list. Some of the items can be reached simply by clicking on the title, while others will need their web address copied and pasted into a new browser.


MOVE Anti Fraud Policy

MOVE Document Retention Policy

MOVE Whistleblowing Policy

MOVE Sustainable Development Policy

MOVE Equality and Diversity Policy

MOVE Data Protection Policy


With the onset of GDPR all partners should, by now, be aware of the requirements and responsibilities of organisations that collect and store client data.  Below are  some things that might be of use to you. The examples have been compiled for VCS to use, and may require some work still, but they will give you the idea of what they may look like. Please use them as you see fit. The guide is produced by a private sector organisation and is a very good overview of the  new legislation.  For futher, more complete, guidance then please use the link below to the ICO site.

Information Commissioner’s Guide to GDPR

GDPR Guide for Charities

Example of GDPR Register of Projects

Example of a Privacy Policy

Example of an Information Collection Declaration form

Example of Security Breach Notification form

From Rose Regeneration (External Evaluators for MOVE): An explanation of what counts as Rural and Urban areas

Elefriends is a supportive online community where you can be yourself. We all know what it’s like to struggle sometimes, but now there’s a safe place to listen .  It is a moderated site operated by Mind and provides a useful forum for support. They have loads of different communication ways including single tap signs to validate feelings and acknowledge receipt and sight of messages so that individuals who are having issues with verbalising feelings are still able to acknowledge without having to put things into words. The site is moderated 24/7 and allows for Private Messaging to be turned off so that there is no specific requirement or pressure to respond.


Did you know that  Samaritans are now doing a response service by text – ideal for anyone with hearing impairment. The number is 07725 909090, and their email address is Just thought this might be useful on occasion for some of our participants and clients.

From Vicky Limb, of Taylor ITEX:

Some other useful links:

Job search:

Universal Jobmatch –
Indeed Jobs –
Monster Jobs –
Reed Jobs –
Fish 4 Jobs –
Total Jobs –
Jobs UK –
Adview –
NHS Jobs –
CV Library –
Guardian Jobs –
Jobs Today –
Job Serve –
Teaching & Education Jobs –
Retail Choice Jobs –
Career Builder –
Prince’s Trust –
Do It Volunteering –
National Apprenticeships Service –
The Daily Jobseeker –

Energy help:


Voluntary Experience Employers Feedback 

Employability Skills Form (from Taylor ITEX)

SMART Goal Workshee

Job Search Activity Record 

Jelly Baby Tree Progress Review Excercise

Green Synergy Session Planner

Debt advice (you’ll need to copy and paste these links into a separate browser:

Careers toolkit:

Career Planning Toolkit

Grant finder for people in hardship:

Health and wellbeing:

Personality tests: Can be good for starting conversations and identifying strengths:

Self refer to mental health recovery college (for participants or staff wanting to understand mental health conditions and coping strategies)

Double Impact: Partner on the Steps Forward BBO project, offering free support for people with substance misuse issues.

Barclays life skills resources

Emotional Resilience Workbook (BGU)

Learning opportunities:

Lincoln College now offers free distant learning (level 2) to people who are eligible. Go to to find out more.

CPD Resources Handout – links to education and training websites(from VCS)

Understanding Universal Credit

Universal Credit and You

Stakeholders Presentation Pt 1

Stakeholders Presentation Pt2

Learn how to use a mouse on your PC