Music in Detention seeking local partners

Music In Detention is a small national charity based in London running participatory music activities in immigration detention centres and in nearby communities. Music-making is used to improve wellbeing and resilience on the one hand, and empathy and understanding on the other.  You can see more about the work at

Over the last 15 months the organisations has been working at Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre, in Swinderby, and is now hoping to deliver their first project in the area with both detainees and the local community.  The aim is to deliver a series of 6 participatory music workshops (1 or 2 per week) with a local group, linked to another 6 with detainees at Morton Hall. In the workshops the organisation will work separately with the two groups, helping them create music and lyrics, exchange this material with each other and record and perform it. The workshops would be 2-3 hours each, led by experienced professional musicians and mainly funded by Music in Detention.  The project will lead to production of a CD, and if possible a performance in the local community.  See for a recent example of a similar project.

The organisation is looking for a local organisation which can bring them together in a local venue with a group of adults experiencing some form of disadvantage. The team is used to working with vulnerable and challenging groups with different needs, delivering the benefits of creative activity – self-expression, skills, agency etc – and bringing about extraordinary connections between people who would not normally have any contact.  MiD would love to find a partner in the area which wants the same outcomes and can together to make the project a success.  A small contribution to the cost would also be a big help! 

For more information please contact or 020 7014 2811

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