National Citizen Service (NCS) can support your community projects this summer

NCS is an empowering youth programme designed to help young people aged 15-17 develop valuable skills for work and life whilst also improving their sense of social responsibility.
During the four-week scheme, teenagers spend two weeks living away from home: building their confidence, independence, problem solving abilities and teamwork skills, before spending the final two weeks completing a project that benefits their local communities. 
Social action projects on NCS can be physically challenging ventures that improve community venues or enhance public spaces, inspiring and educational campaigns that support important issues and encourage social change or they can be events and activities that contribute to an improved social situation and increased community cohesion. The programme is looking for more projects and venues for their volunteers to support whilst they are on the summer 2018 programme.
Here’s what just a few of the teams achieved last year during social action; 
Teams created raised flower and vegetable beds so wheelchair users could get more out of gardening.
Teams raised awareness of loneliness in elderly people and encouraged increased community engagement.
Teams campaigned to raise awareness of mental health in young people and started a petition to get it better addressed in schools.
Teams turned idle, overgrown areas into engaging community spaces that encouraged wildlife.
Teams raised awareness of and rallied support for homeless locals and the local food bank.
Teams created stimulating sensory gardens and forestry schools for individuals with impairments.
Teams arranged activities for residents with dementia and raised understanding and engagement in the wider community
NCS social action can support a huge variety of topics and make a significant difference to a community. You don’t even need to come up with an idea to benefit, as the young people on the programme can develop and implement the project themselves. All you need to get involved is an indoor communal space that the young people can work from. As all of the NCS teams are supported by trained adult mentors at all times, you don’t even need to give up your time to supervise them.
The programme has over 1,300 inspired teenagers available and eager to support Lincolnshire communities this summer, so there’s never been a better opportunity to get involved. If you’d like to register your interest or learn more, please contact Cheryl Barrows on 01522 574133 or email