National Citizen Service (NCS) can support your communities this summer!

NCS is our country’s fastest-growing youth programme for young people aged 15-17. The empowering scheme helps teenagers develop valuable skills for work and life whilst also improving their sense of social responsibility.

During the four-week summer programme teenagers spend two weeks away from home, building their confidence, problem solving abilities, teamwork skills and more, followed by two weeks back in their hometown, developing a project to benefit their local community. This last part, the ‘social action’, is where you can get involved.

We need communities to let us know they want support. We also need communal venues that our inspired teams of volunteers can work from and details of potential projects or social issues that our participants could turn into social action ventures.

Projects can include the creation of community spaces, decorating youth centres or village halls, driving campaigns to support homeless people, developing forestry schools, raising awareness of dementia or of loneliness in elderly people, looking at mental health provision for young people, creating sensory areas, petitioning against drug use in public areas, and much more beyond imagination.

NCS social action can make a really significant difference to a community, and all you need to get involved with it is a communal space young people can work from. Teams work Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm, for 2 weeks in July or August, and are supported by trained staff at all times.

We are expecting close to 100 teams to be available across our Lincolnshire programme this summer, so there’s never been a better opportunity to secure one for your community. If you’d like to register your interest or learn more, please contact Cheryl Barrows on 01522 574133 or email