The MOVE project wants participants to genuinely feel a sense of ownership of the service, and that they have a meaningful role in the partnership.  This section also contains details about eligibility.

Participant involvement will help partners:

  • To understand the context of local need and ensure that the project provides the services that people want
  • To understand the participant experience – what works well and what could be improved
  • Identify new ideas, gleaned from feedback from participants
  • To provide feedback on marketing and comm

Everyone involved in enrolling participants must make sure that they understand the stringent eligibility and evidence requirements asked of us by the funders, as failure to meet these requirements can easily lead to clawback of funding, and/or finding further down the line that a participant has been given support for which you cannot claim funding.

There is a supporting document to this webinar (which can be linked to below), dealing with questions that were raised by participants, and it has some excellent links to the full eligibility criteria.  When making use of the ‘Self Declaration form,  the onus is very much on delivery partners to evidence that they have made efforts to obtain the best ‘quality’ evidence of eligibility, and to clearly justify, if tier 1 or 2 evidence is impossible for a participant to provide, why this is so.

Note that the Participant Survey, or Outcomes  Forms as they are sometimes known, can now be found in the ‘Monitoring, Evaluation and Keeping Records’ area of the site.

There are a number of documents that can help you with this subject. They can be reached via the links below, or via the funders’ site (also linked below):


There are also details on benefits and financial support that may be useful for some participants, via the following links: