Pet-friendly policies in care homes for older people

The University of Lincoln, in partnership with the University of Liverpool, is currently conducting a research study looking at pet-friendly policies in care homes for older people. They are planning a meeting in June to discuss their findings so far with people in Lincolnshire who might be affected by this, in order to check that their research is addressing people’s concerns and experiences.

For this meeting they would be interested in talking to:

  • People who have experience of interacting with animals in a care home (for example, perhaps you regularly visit a care home where animals are present, or bring an animal to visit a relative).
  • People who have been involved in supporting older people with decisions about whether or not to move into a care home, especially if pets were a consideration in the discussion.
  • People who have pets or service animals, who would be interested in discussing what they would want to happen if they needed to enter a care home at some point in the future.

They will decide venue and time based on what is most accessible and convenient for the majority of people who would like to attend, but expect that this would be an informal and hopefully interesting discussion of the issues around this topic, lasting around 2 hours. They would not be asking you to participate in the research study itself, but to provide your honest feedback on what you think about the research so far and whether there is anything they have missed.

If you have the relevant experiences or wish to share your views please contact Michael Toze on or 01522 835443 regarding this project

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