Darkside Rising are super excited to launch their new project for neurodivergent women who would like support to enter employment, self-employment or education Image removed by sender. ❤

As a lived experience organisation we recognise neurodivergence as a broad umbrella that encompasses autism, dyslexia, ADHD and mental health.

Eligibility: over 16 years old with the right to work in the UK and unemployed, not in education or training.

This unique 26 week programme will build confidence, skills and employability through strength training, art-based mindfulness, peer support and 1:1 guidance.

Session times, one each of the following, beginning 19th July!

Strength training: Tuesday 10am, Tuesday 11.45am, Thursday 12pm or Thursday 1.45pm

Art-based mindfulness, via Zoom: Monday 10am or Thursday 10am

Dreams Club Peer Support, including refreshments: Saturday 1.30pm or Sunday 11am

1:1 Guidance with an Employability Coach: Weeks 1, 13 and 26, to be arranged to suit

Self referrals are welcome, you can contact through Facebook, @DarksideRisingCIC or email darkside.risingcic@gmail.com

Project Inspire – for Neurodivergent Women