Lincolnshire County Council would like to thank everyone who filled in a County Views survey last year. They had well over 200 responses to the last survey and lots more people signed up to join the panel. There’s still time to sign up before the next one goes live in springtime.

They used the time over Christmas to look at what feedback told them, looked at action that could address the issues raised and prepared a report. The full report is available on our website.

At a glance they found that one third of residents in Greater Lincolnshire who responded to this survey believe they have a strong voice and opportunities to make a difference to their local area, an increase since the last survey.

When asked about highways, 90% of respondents from the general population said doing a quality repair on potholes was most important. This information is informing priorities in the new highways contract.

Job prospects in the county remain a concern among responding residents. The report includes a link to upcoming virtual job fairs hosted by the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Look out for your next opportunity to take part this year and head to their website for more information on current engagements and consultations.

Results of the latest County Views survey