Do you know someone who is struggling in some way during Covid 19?
They might be, in isolation, shielding, a carer, elderly, living with dementia or disability, lonely or just not coping very well, then maybe Sage Gardener can help.

The Sage Gardener CIC volunteers are distributing wellbeing packs across the county: providing a little sunshine to peoples day with a mix of plants seeds/nature, wellbeing or crafting.

You can also buy or donate to enable a pack to go to someone you may nominate (if you wish) who has gone the extra mile to support others.

For further details, a referral form or to donate contact facebook: sagegardener@CIC , or Tel 07707325016

Please note – all parcels will be subject to availalbity and variation dependant upon sufficient funding and availability of materials. Delivery will be as and when volunteers are available.

Sage Gardener Wellbeing Boxes