In the first wave of funding for 2020-21, the Shine Network ran a Suicide Prevention Innovation Funding Project, which was secured secured from NHS England and Shine were The aim was for community organisations who work directly with men in supporting mental health, to apply for grants up to £10,000 to support and strengthen their organisation as between 2016 – 2018 there were sadly 156 male suicides between the ages of 25 and 59 years.

The Suicide Prevention Fund aimed:

· To support males

· Reduce self-harm and suicide with at risk males

· Support through peer support/people with lived experience

· Provide safe places and opportunities for males to talk

· Raise awareness

· Equip with the tools for self-help and sufficiency

Across Lincolnshire, 14 were awarded grants in the first wave of funding for 2020-21. For more information on the projects, please go to:

Need support with putting in a bid for funding in the future, contact:

The funded projects starting in an area near you shortly are:

Shine Funded Projects