Sleep Matters Workshop- Caistor 27 March

‘Sleep Matters in Lincolnshire’ is a year long project funded by Lincolnshire’s Dementia Support Network. The aim is to help improve the health and wellbeing of people living with dementia and their carers, through improved sleep routines. Sleep Matters is a training and support service for carers of people living with dementia and caring professionals. Workshops help people gain a better understanding of sleep problems often encountered by people with dementia.

The topics covered in this workshop include looking at the science of sleep; the impact of sleep deprivation; the characteristics of sleep problems for people with dementia and strategies and therapies to aid sleep.

The Sleep Awareness and Information Workshop is a short session (approximately 2 hours), to provide you with some basic information on a variety of sleep issues and how to deal with them.
The information gained will not only be of use for people with dementia, but also provides many helpful hints and tips for anyone having sleep problems. There is no charge.

The next workshop will take place at Caistor Town Hall on Monday 27th March, 2pm-4pm. To book a free place please contact Jacqui Wood on 07980 147 864. Email: