Social Value UK and Rose Regeneration Roadshows

Social Value UK and Rose Regeneration will be hosting one of a series of roadshows as part of the Inspiring Impact Programme. Find out more about Inspiring Impact here.

The Roadshow will be made up of three parts:

  • Social Value Roadshow – The roadshow will give an overview of the wider international and national contexts, as well as the local partners’ knowledge of Lincoln and the surrounding areas. We will look at what social value is, why it is important to you, and how to take action. Social Value UK and Rose Regeneration will bring sector specific knowledge to guide attendees from public, private and civil society in how to navigate the social value landscape.
  • Local Networking – This is an opportunity for networking with local organisations from across all sectors, to share problems, opportunities, skills and resources from a local perspective.
  • Inspiring Impact – This is a VCS focused workshop looking at impact management with practical exercises, case studies, and tools that can be taken back to be used in attendees’ work and organisations.

PLEASE NOTE: The roadshow and networking sections of the event are open to all sectors and will focus on information for all sectors. The Inspiring Impact section is VCSE sector focused.

Everyone is welcome to attend all parts of the event, but please do note that the Inspiring Impact section will be focused on issues that primarily affect the VCSE sector.

Register here: