Soundlincs Armed forces musical group collaboration

soundLINCS is a not-for-profit community music organisation unleashing potential through music by delivering high-quality and innovative music making opportunities.

They recently completed a two year project, ‘New Tricks’ that enabled groups of 50+year olds re-ignite and develop their musical interests. Groups ranged from classical quartets, to folk and blues bands and choirs, based on what they wanted to do. Feedback from people who took part talked a lot about their musical progression, and also about improved mental and physical health and well-being, being less lonely and isolated, and being able to think more clearly.  Most groups became sustainable after the end of the project.

They would like to do something similar for the Armed Forces, for veterans and potentially for serving personnel and their families.  They anticipate benefits would be as described by New Tricks participants (the model we would adapt, without the 50+ age range).  There could be the additional benefit of connecting with the civilian population, including public performances for those groups that wanted to.

In order to get their bid right, they need to hear from people like you and those you support. It has to be meaningful and useful.

Thier bid has to be with the Covenant Fund by 5th December.

Covenant funding would enable them to support and develop four groups in the county for one year.  Helping them become sustainable, as well as learning, having fun and socialising, is their aim from the outset.

They would like to hear your views, ideas and suggestions about this proposed project, and would be happy to talk by phone or email.  Do you know of any people or groups that could be interested? 

Please contact Colin at or via phone at 01522 510073 at your earliest convenience.

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