Stepping Stone Theatre for Mental Health will present another celebration day for world Mental Health awareness day.

The event not only highlights issues concerning mental health in Gainsborough, but it also offers a great opportunity for mental health agencies and members of the community to meet in a non – clinical, more social environment.

It is often the stigma which surrounds mental illness which stop people from getting help and support, at events such as this they promote good mental health and give people a voice who often find it difficult to speak for themselves.

Stepping Stone Theatre will present a mental health celebration day. Their members will be performing extracts from the first in our new booklets, ‘In Our Own Words’. All written by members of Stepping Stone Theatre For Mental Health.

There will be songs, poems, readings and a chance for the audience to join in. It will be an event of celebration of mental health and promoting an end to the stigma which often surrounds it. Please join us on the 10th of October from 10.00 am until 1.00 pm. There will be cake!