The West Lindsey District Council Home Choices team is responsible for preventing homelessness across the district, the housing register and housing advice.  They give advice to people having difficulty paying their rent, overcrowding, sofa surfing, rough sleeping, people fleeing domestic abuse, victims of other abuse and other harassment who need to move. 

The team has had to adapt how it communciates with customers and feel it is more important than ever to keep everyone including information on our practices, how we plan to move forward during the Coronavirus pandemic and how residents of the district who you support or come into contact with can access our services.

Staff availability and customer access to the Guildhall

The Guildhall is currently closed for face to face access to the services provided by West Lindsey District Council. This situation is currently being reassessed and updates will follow in due course. The Home Choices availability is still Mon-Fri 9:00- 5:00 and can be contacted in the following ways:


Tel: (01427) 676613

Refer online: Housing Register

Presentations of homeless people

The team may not be able to reach the most vulnerable within the district as people may believe the team are not available due to the building being closed.  Many of the most vulnerable customers will also not have access to phones or the internet and cannot contact the team.

To assist the team to work with the most vulnerable within the community partnership working is paramount, as partner agencies are often more recognisable and approachable to some of the residents than the council.  If agencies are aware of and are currently engaging with any individuals currently struggling then please refer to the team as soon as possible

The team have access to funds to help people move into private rented properties where appropriate, to pay rent arrears or mediate in preventing someone becoming homeless.  Issues can often be resolved before they escalate and become completely unmanageable.

  • Asked to leave – If someone has been asked to leave their current home for any reason please refer them
  • Rent Arrears – As you may be aware the Government has now extended notices to quit until September 2020.  This means they cannot be evicted from their homes before this. Anyone with a notice to quit their property please contact the Home Choices team immediately as we may be able to resolve the issue and prevent an eviction later in the year.
  • Harassment or anti-social behaviour –Anyone suffering from either of these, again, please refer into the Home Choices team so we can alert our colleagues
  • Disrepair – Whilst only the most urgent disrepair cases are being physically visited at the moment, please continue to refer or encourage your clients to report here

Vulnerable Adult Panel

The council operates a multi-agency Vulnerable Adult Panel which discusses cases with statutory and commissioned organisations to resolve a person’s circumstances if they are deemed to be at risk because of their vulnerability.  This is applicable for cases where generic interventions aren’t working for the individual and something more is needed. This can be anything from homelessness, hoarding, drug and alcohol use and exploitation. This is for agency referral only.  To discuss potential cases please contact Home Choices.

Government Funding for West Lindsey

You may have seen in the media about funding releases from the MHCLG to support rough sleepers and those at risk of rough sleeping.  West Lindsey District Council was successful in a bid for a scheme to launch a rough sleeper initiative programme.  This programme is initially for 12 months and will bring extra funding and resources to the area to tackle and prevent rough sleeping.

The council also has other opportunities to assist people at risk of homelessness and people with a history of homelessness. Working separately as individual organisations we are unable to solve homelessness and so it is essential we work together to achieve the best outcomes for our residents. 

If anyone is at risk of homelessness please inform the team so that we can all work together to resolve.

Support for homes and homelessness in West Lindsey