Survey for people living with neurological conditions- HARG

The Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG) from the School of Health and Social Care and have been asked by the Public Health Division, Lincolnshire County Council to undertake a health needs assessment for people with neurological conditions (including migraine, epilepsy etc). The purpose of a health needs assessment is to understand the current health needs and health inequalities of people with neurological conditions in Lincolnshire; how effective current service provision is in meeting their needs, and to identify gaps and limitations in service provision, as well as examples of effective provision and good practice.

As part of this project, we are seeking the views of key stakeholders including:

  1. People living with neurological conditions
  2. Carers for people living with neurological conditions
  3. Voluntary Sector Organisations
  4. Medical/ Allied Health Professional

For further information and  to find out about participating in the project , please visit the University’s blog here: 

or contact Thomas George 01522 837496.