Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer has been involved with the project management of national and local research within a wide range of areas. She joined the Community Operational Research Unit at the University of Lincoln in 2000. Prior to this she had worked as a researcher both at the Motor Industry Research Unit at the University of East Anglia and at the University of Huddersfield on a national research project to develop the placement and assessment procedures of work placements within degree structures.

Projects at Lincoln University have included research within the community and voluntary sector, health and criminal justice system, local government, housing, sports partnerships and horticultural industry. Many of these projects have been long term as a five year evaluation of a Healthy Living centre within Lincolnshire Probation and 3 years researching the effects of physical activity programmes on health outcomes and organisational development.

Jennifer’s particular research interests are in health, community, rural and social issues. This has centred on participatory research and partnerships with service providers often engaging hard to reach groups and beneficiaries, such as drug users and offenders in evaluating the value/impact of programmes and understanding societal concerns.

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