Not Just ‘Bouncing Back’ but Moving Forward:  Learning from TED in East Lindsey

TED invites you to a themed conference on ‘resilience’ and ‘recovery’ to be held on Monday 20 July 2020.

The conference will be facilitated by Zoom, welcoming delegates at 13:15 – formally commencing at 13:30 and closing at 16:00. 

This event will celebrate the achievements of TED in East Lindsey, consolidate learning and serve as a platform to launch future virtual seminars on aspects of TED in East Lindsey programme service delivery. The overarching focus of this series are responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and future planning.

Register for this event to find out more. 


To avoid disappointment please book early as the number of places available are limited.

TED Learning Conference- 20/07/20