Tell us about your events and activities for young people

Talent Match Area Ambassadors are currently completing a Mapping Task. The task is to find any local or regional networking events and forums relevant to young people’s employment, training or education and also any award events that celebrate the activities of young people and volunteers.
This will be created into an interactive calendar.

Any company who interacts with young people whether they be a business, charity or volunteering organisation are welcome to submit previous events from 2016 and anything planned for 2017.

  • Names of 2016 events and the month it was hosted in.
  • Names of 2017 events with; full dates, contact details of the organiser and small description.

The entries will be split into categories so that each event is easy to find for the relevant people.

Please send information 

Bryony Roberts | Talent Match Area Ambassador
Tel: 01427 675 709