The Bishop of Lincoln’s Social Justice Fund

At a recent panel meeting, a decision was taken to reduce the maximum grant available from £25,000 to £5,000.  The aim is to attract smaller, volunteer led, not for profit organisations and local faith based groups that need a small grant to support crucial work they’re delivering to residents in communities across Greater Lincolnshire.

Future closing dates for receipt of applications will be on 14 January, 14 May and 14 September in each year.

The fund priorities remain unchanged and projects will need to provide clear evidence they’re able to deliver outcomes that relate to one (or more) or the following priorities: Social cohesion – projects contributing to strong and cohesive communities; Isolation – activities that encourage residents to become more active, feel less isolated in their community or raise aspirations/reduce isolation; Poverty – applications that tackle poverty in its various forms (eg homelessness, debt issues, food and fuel poverty, support and advice).

Previous grants have included support for a volunteer led group that provide meals for homeless and vulnerable people; training and support for mentors to help families deal with crisis; drop-in facilities for those who are lonely or isolated; weekly support sessions for people with addictions; activities for people with dementia and their carers; community gardening projects open to all.

The process is straight forward and our staff are available to answer questions, give advice or simply have a chat. To obtain an Application Form or discuss your idea in more detail, please contact Sue Fortune on 01529 305825 or download details from the grants page at

Sue Fortune, Joint CEO at the Foundation says:-

“It’s so important that grassroots organisations and churches across our county are given the support and encouragement they need to enable them to continue their fantastic work, particularly those who feel they lack the expertise or confidence to complete an application form.  We are here (and happy) to help with the process at every stage.  Please do get in touch even if it’s just to have a chat”.

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