The MOVE Partnership

The Greater Lincolnshire MOVE Project Partnership is made up of 24 third sector organisations and education providers, generated through Involving Lincs, a consortium of third sector infrastructure organisations. The lead partner was identified because of the experience of managing similar projects and the ability to effectively manage and support delivery partners.  Partners were selected in line with ESF procurement rules, and their ability to effectively deliver the project.

Meetings Information

The Partnership Board will meet quarterly, and will consist of senior representatives of each of the partner organisations, internal and external evaluators, members of the project management team and representation from each of the sub-groups. Funders will be invited to attend should they so wish.

Quarterly monitoring meetings will be held between the Project Coordinator and each delivery partner, with outcome delivery as the main goal. These meetings will provide an opportunity to review the performance of each partner, build a strong working relationship between the lead and delivery partners and to ensure that the project delivery methodology can be learned from and adapted accordingly to encourage an outcomes-focused ‘test and learn’ approach.  Quarterly meeting will also be held between partners and the compliance Officers, in order to ensure that documentation is up to date, and correct.

Area Delivery Sub-group meetings will be held quarterly, one in the north of the county and one in the south. These will be aimed at providing frontline delivery staff and volunteers an opportunity to come together and discuss issues, concerns, experiences and best practice in service delivery. Representatives of the project management team and project evaluators will also attend, and participants invited to attend if appropriate.

Participant Involvement sub-groups:  it was anticipated that participant sub-groups would be convened the north and south of the county, but since the start of the project the decision has been taken that the evaluators will contact participants. It is believed that the evaluators will be best placed to collect the necessary feedback to bring about understanding of problems faced.

Annual Partner’s Sharing, Learning and Best Practice Event will be held to which funders, evaluators and other BBO/employability projects will be invited.

Meeting Administration

The agenda for each meeting will be issued in advance, the PMB agenda by the CEO, while other agenda will be issued by the Project Co-ordinator.

Minutes will be taken by the Project Administrator and issued within two weeks to relevant organisations.

The Project Administrator will hold responsibility for all other administration, including calling notices, and the timely booking of venues.

NB  All MOVE delivery partners will be required to attend a minimum of 70% of all applicable project meetings each year

Documents to accompany this post, and provide greater detail on the project, can be found on the links below: