Together is a long-term initiative, focused on the South West Ward of Gainsborough. The area often features in the top 10 most deprived areas in the country. It was conceived in 2022 following extensive engagement with local agencies, organisations, residents and those with a passion for the area. The conclusion was that if we are to see long lasting positive change then we must work together. This goes beyond networking but coming together and deciding together what the priorities are for the area and ALL working towards them.

The area has very little open accessible green space and no children’s play parks or outside activities. It also suffers from a lack of community buildings. The projects and initiatives aim to rectify this, alongside developing a greater sense of community spirit, ownership and involvement.

The Vision

The vision for the project is to see a healthy thriving community for all that acts as an inspiration for others and a restored, renewed & revived area that acts as a flourishing gateway to all that Gainsborough is and could be.

The Mission & Values

The Together Initiative aspires to:

  • Put the needs of people firstEngagement highlighted that some previous projects did not consider what people really needed or wanted.
  • Do what we say we are going to doResidents feel let down, neglected and are tired of promises being made and broken.
  • Choose encouragement, collaboration and problem solvingChange the blame culture and silo working that has held back progress.
  • Develop greater trust and give people hope.Resident discussions revealed a lack of hope that things would ever improve and a lack of trust in the authorities.

The Objectives & Aims

The objectives and aims of the project are:

  • Develop and support current services and identify gaps in provision.
  • Improve community spirit and opportunities for residents to become involved.
  • Increase access to open space, outdoor activities & community facilities.
  • Improve living conditions, so that people feel safer and healthier.

Current Projects

Our current projects are:

  • Regular Christmas and Summer community events on Ashcroft Green.
  • Monthly Community Walkabouts.
  • Ashcroft Green development project.
  • Thorndike green space project – awaiting result of a bid from the National Lottery Heritage Fund
  • Scouts Hill project – a 50 acre green space site, which we hope to develop for the local community.
  • Anglian Water site development – adjacent to Ashcroft Green

More information

For more information and how you can get involved in the initiative, contact Barry Rooks, Together Initiative Lead on 07791 088761 or