University of Lincoln Diversity Festival 2018

The University of Lincoln will be holding the Diversity Festival for the second time on 2nd May 2018 to promote diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism. The festival will celebrate the diversity in people, arts and music through a programme of workshops, exhibitions and activities. The festival will provide opportunities to experience diversity in a positive and inspiring way and enable participants to learn and taste diverse cultures that make up our community.

We would like to invite local businesses, organisations and partners to work with us on making this event an exciting and unique opportunity for all to experience different cultures and celebrate holistic community spirit.

We are looking for local businesses, in particular those offering international products and services (but not exclusively), to come and join us on the day. The invite is open to businesses such as local restaurants offering typical international cuisine, shops selling international food, businesses offering services for minority groups.

If you would like to provide your support for the event or discuss any details, please e-mail or call 01522 886722.
We look forward to hearing from you by 12th March 2018.

Note: For local community groups, interested in supporting the event, small funding may be available to reimburse costs of products/ingredients for taster sessions, however this must be agreed in advance and proof of purchase of products will need to be provided.