Vacancy: Xplore Local Coordinator

The Local Coordinator would need to help find suitable host families and help suggest local schools in which the students would be able to attend. They would need to help with any issues the student has in the rare occasion the Host Family cannot. On occasions, you may also be required to attend such things as parents evening. The Local Coordinator would also be required to produce a monthly student supervisor report on each child. This role is usually taken as a second job for the majority of our current Local Coordinators.

Payment breakdown, per student:

  • Placement £150
  • Finders £50 LC weekly £15 (first 4 weeks)
  • LC weekly £11.90 (remaining weeks)
  • Host Family weekly £92.75
  • Host Family nightly £13.25

If you are interested in becoming a Local Coordinator, please get in touch:

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