Volunteers needed for new Gainsborough Coffee Morning with St Barnabas Hospice

We are all aware of the health risks posed by smoking, but did you know that loneliness has been shown to be more harmful? Loneliness and social isolation are a real problem in the Gainsborough area and we would like to contribute to the solution by offering a warm welcome, a friendly chat and a great cup of tea.

Starting in January, St. Barnabas Hospice will be running a coffee morning in their lovely building at Morton Front, Every Thursday morning. The coffee morning will be open to everyone in the community, including St Barnabas Hospice patients.

To make this happen we need some volunteers who feel confident that they can open up a conversation, actively listen and make a good cup of tea. Volunteers will be given training and support. Volunteers can support the coffee morning weekly, fortnightly or monthly. For more details please contact Lisa on 01522 518246 or Ella on 01522 559509